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Join a Roomies Group

Create or join a group, set your ideal budget and location preferences


Invite others to join you

Send out invite links to your friends, or across social media platforms


Search and visit rentals together

Search for rentals, schedule viewings, and move-in — it’s that easy!

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Search for properties on your own, or get direct recommendations via e-mail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Use to search bar to type the location where you want to find rentals in.
  2. Click on any available listing from the search results.
  3. Click Visit Schedule, then select a date and time for your viewing.
  4. Wait for the property manager to accept your viewing schedule request.
  5. Once accepted, you’ll receive a Dormy Visit Pass via email and a map to the location.
  6. On the viewing day, simply show your Visit Pass to the reception area, and you will be accommodated by our partners.

In the Dormy Web App, click on the Roomies icon to visit the roomies page.

Then, click on “Create a Roomie Group” at the bottom of the page.

Set your budget range, amenity preferences, and the location where you want to find rentals in.

After creating the group, you’ll be able to send an invite link to others.

Send the invite link to friends, or post it on public social media groups to receive Roommate join requests.

Once you have a group set-up, a new option in viewing schedules will be available, allowing you to set inquiry, visit, and move-in schedules with your new roommates.

Dormy Blue is our one-stop shop for all rental needs, with services ranging from laundry pick-up, water delivery, and more.

Access to Dormy Blue is given to all tenants who: 

  • Are tenants of a Dormy Partner Property (e.g., Dorms, Condos, etc.)
  • Are tenants of a Dormy Enterprise Partner (e.g., Corporations, SMBs, etc.)
  • Are affiliates of a Dormy Community Partner (e.g., Student Councils, Organizations, etc.)

We plan to expand access to the Dormy Blue Marketplace soon — but for now, we’re only opening them to our partners and affiliate tenants.

Currently, Dormy is only open to partnering with enterprise partners.

If you are a large enterprise bedspace provider (e.g., developer corporation, condo corporation, high-rise dormitory owner) kindly reach out via [email protected] or Click here to schedule a demo.

If you are a private landlord or a broker, Click here to join our waitlist.

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